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Suzuki World Cup 2014

Both European and World Champions confirmed their presence at Suzuki World Cup, held in Tokyo between April 11 to 13.

Gymansts from Argentina, Austria, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Chinese Taipei, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Thailand, The United States of America, Venezuela and Vietnam announced their presence at this World Cup Event.

The Romanian Team will be composed from Bianca Becze, Anca Surdu, Corina Constantin , Bianca Gorgovan, Andreea Bogati, Marius Petruse and Mircea Zamfir, along with de Maria Fumea (coach) and Alina Dragan (judge).



1. Corina Constantin



2. Bianca Becze



1. Mircea Zamfir



1. Maria Bianca Becze / Marius Petruse



1. Andreea Bogati/ Anca Surdu/ Corina Constantin



1. Bianca Becze/ Bianca Gorgovan/Corina Constantin/ Andreea Bogati/ Anca Surdu



Competition schedule:

Qualifications: 12 April (Sat) 9:30-20:30

Finals: 13 April (Sun)10:00-19:00

 Photos from Suzuki World Cup 2013 with all competitors and judges:



For more photos with our gymnasts and news about the competition: https://www.facebook.com/Laura.Andreea.Photography




Ana Georgescu became a rhythmic gymnast when she was three. She was part of the Junior Romanian Olympic Team with over 30 Gold International and National medals won during her career. Ana continued as a professional dancer in two well known dance companies AEROS and Rhyth, mix, dancing on some of the most famous stages of the world, including on Broadway.

Becoming a Certified Fitness and Aerobics Instructor and also a Rhythmic Gymnastics Instructor was a turning point in her career. In 2011 she became a Zumba®Education Specialist and now she teaches Zumba® Instructor Trainings and presents at Fitness Conventions and Conferences around the world. Ana’s passion for dance and fitness inspires and motivates thousands of people to have fun while working out and heading towards a healthy and positive lifestyle.

  • How did you get into the gym hall?

Literally: My grandparents took me there when I was about 3yo and then years after years my they took care for me not get late or skip any training. I am so grateful to them! My aunt used to coach Rhythmic Gymnastics at CSS 1 Constanta when my parents and grandparents decided to sign me up for gymnastics so that I could grow in a harmonious way and to keep me away from TV and other distractions.  Nobody in my family thought I’m going to do it on a professional level, but I already had plans.

  •  How was the transition from Constanta to Bucharest? Did you basically have to start fresh with new teachers, new coaches, new colleagues?

It was a tough transition! First of all because when my parents told me that I’m going to move with them to Bucharest I wasted a lot of tears realizing how much I’m going to miss my grandparents but also because already at that point I couldn’t imagine my life without Gymnastics. Pointless for my parents to try to convince me that there are enough Gymnastics Clubs in Bucharest. Until I didn’t go to my 1st training at ANEFS Club (today  UNEFS) I didn’t trust them or maybe it was to difficult for me to process that . Starting with that training I realized what  hard work, drive and to exceed your own limits  meant. My father always smiles when he remembers those days’ conditional trainings and  the running laps around the stadium: “YOU WERE RUNNING AND CRYING.. RUNNING AND CRYING BUT NEVER GIVING UP!”

  •  You’ve been a member of the National Team of Rhythmic Gymnastics. Can you tell me more about that period?

It was tough but beautiful. Same routine of two trainings a day, every day, in which you had to want more from yourself and achieve that trough every repetition of every exercise, every routine, each and every ballet class, or body conditioning session was not easy. Living in a camp along with my teammates who were like my sisters brought both tears after exhausting training days, injuries or days when we were just missing our families and happiness when we were running all over the hotel that we were staying in, laughing till we were getting stomach aches.  That intense period of time made me so much stronger. I have so many memories and stories to cherish from those times.

unnamed (3)unnamed (1)

  •  Which are for you the most precious medals won in Rhythmic Gymnastics?

Every medal I ever won was important. Either National or International, the tougher the competition the bigger the satisfaction after the award ceremony. If I have to name one though that would most probably be my 1st All Around National Gold medal won when I was about 9 years old.

  •  Why did you make the change from Rhythmic to Aerobic Gymnastics?

I will not get into details since I tend to become a little bit emotional and sentimental about this topic but a short answer is because my chances to grow as a rhythmic gymnast were extremely limited.

  •  Which one of this Gymnastics did you love the most?

I liked a lot the Aerobic Gymnastics because it challenged me. I had the chance to train along with the European and World Champions and this helped me learn a huge lot and step out of my comfort zone but deep down in my heart I’ve always been a Rhythmic Gymnast. Rhythmic Gymnastics has been, is and most probably always be my dearest sport.


unnamed (2)

  •  Which is your most important medal in Aerobic Gymnastics?

The third place at the 2009 Aerobic Gymnastics Open Cup/ Timisoara.  It meant so much more to me since I won it  while being injured and that being my last competition.

  •  What do you regret the most regarding your entire career as a professional athlete?

It is a process that I am still working on but I’m trying not to regret anything. I am grateful for each experienced lived either good or bad.  Grateful for each injury or disappointment because the sum of all these experiences made me who I am today. Was my career exactly the way I dreamt it will be when I was 7? Not really but I wouldn’t change a thing. I gained dear friends, memories, lots of medals and a character that can be formed only in the gym  (this being both good and bad).

  •  Why did you end up your competitional life? How did you get over this?

I ended it up because I had a lot of pains and injuries. It’s almost impossible for gymnasts to get to an elite level without sacrificing their health at all but we all are doing it knowing what the repercussions are and hoping that everything will pay off at one point. I retired  because that hope was lost and because I realized that some sacrifices just weren’t worth doing anymore.

How did I get over that? There are very few people who know how hard it’s been. Gymnastics’ been my passion and it took a long time for me to learn to live basically in a new world. I am still learning I guess.

  •  What were you doing before becoming a ZES™ how did you reach this position?

 Because I couldn’t just become an inactive person after 18 years of  professional sport I started giving group fitness classes while I  was continuing my studies and working as a designer at a well known sportswear company. After a while the manager of the gym I was working for at that time asked me to do my research about a program called Zumba®, since it started to make waves in the fitness industry,  including in Romania.  I Googled it and not long after, the gym registered me to one of the Basic 1 Instructor Trainings (http://www.zumba.com/en-US/trainings ). I left that training being inspired to help people become more active, motivated to become a better dancer and the best instructor I can be.  Seven months later when Zumba® opened an European ZES™ call I applied for the ZumbAtomic® (now Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr.) ZES™ position.  I was called to a live audition that changed my life… again



  •  How’s your life looking now?

I ended my professional career as a gymnast and started my professional career in Zumba® .. so my life is pretty much as intense as it used to be when I was competing. It requires balance, endurance and a lot of sacrifices.. but I love it and somehow it replaces my passion for gymnastics. More than just that, I have the chance to get in contact with so many people, different cultures, travel the World. I get to teach, to share some of my experience and my knowledge, to inspire and to motivate people to choose a healthy lifestyle. I get to create an influence, to make a change and leave a mark! I ‘m a lucky girl!

  •  Any plans for the future?

I don’t like to throw myself to much in the future. Generally speaking I want to help, educate, inspire and dance as much as possible. I want to keep on learning and growing as an instructor, trainer and person. One day at a time…

Thank you Laura for this interview, thank you to all my coaches who have helped me during my gymnastics career even with just a “POINT YOUR TOES!!!!” . Special thanks to my lead coach Mariana Mezei who’s been by my side for more than 10 years. Thank you to Professor Dr. Alexandru Buzescu who “fixed” my knees (and spine, and ankles, and… not only once). Thanks to the dance companies AEROS and Rhyth.mix!!! Thanks to Alice Visan for helping me start my fitness journey and for  asking me to google Zumba®, thinking it might suit me. Thanks Zumba® Fitness! And thank you to my family and to those very few friends who really know me with smiles, tears, hysterical laughs, moods and with who which I created tons of memories! (you know who you are).

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Ana Georgescu si-a inceput cariera de sportiva de performanta in gimnastica ritmica la varsta de trei ani . Ea a facut parte din Lotul Olimpc  de Juniori, castigand peste 30 de medalii de aur internationale si nationale pe timpul carierei sale. Ana si-a continuat cariera ca si performer in doua bine cunoscute companii de dans AEROS si Rhyth.Mix, avand spectacole pe cele mai cunoscute scene ale lumii, inclusiv pe prestigiosul Broadway.

Certificarea ca instructor de fitness si aerobic si de asemenea ca instructor de gimnastica ritmica  a fost momentul de schimbare in cariera sa. In 2011 a devenit Zumba® Education Specialist si acum preda cursuri pentru cei ce doresc sa devina instructori de Zumba®. Ana este presenter in Conventiile si Conferintele internationale. Pasiunea ei pentru dans si fitness inspira si motiveaza mii de persoane sa se distreze in timp ce fac miscare si sa se indrepte spre un mod de viata sanatos si pozitiv.

  • Cum ai ajuns in sala de gimnastica?

Ca sa raspund la obiect: cu bunicii de mana. Ani la randul bunicii au fost cei care aveau grija sa nu lipsesc sau sa intarzii la vre-un antrenament. Le sunt atat de recunoscatoare! Matusa mea era antrenoare de gimnastica ritmica  la clubul CSS1 Constanta la vremea cand parintii mei, alaturi de bunici au hotarat sa ma inscrie la gimnastica doar in ideea de a ma dezvolta armonios si de a avea o ocupatie care sa ma tina departe de televizor si de alte distractii. Nu se gandea familia mea la sport de performanta sau rezultate, insa eu aveam alte planuri.

  • Cum a fost trecerea din Constanta la Bucuresti, a trebuit practic sa o iei de la zero, avand colegi, profesori, antrenori noi?

A fost o trecere destul de grea! In primul rand cand parintii mi-au spus ca o sa ma mut la Bucuresti s-a lasat cu lacrimi pentru ca stiam ca imi vor lipsi bunicii care ma crescusera pana in acel moment, dar mai ales pentru ca eu deja nu imi concepeam viata fara gimnastica. Degeaba au incercat sa ma convinga ca exista cluburi de gimnastica si in Bucuresti. Pana nu m-au dus la primul antrenament al clubului ANEFS (actual UNEFS) ori nu i-am crezut, ori era un lucru greu de perceput la varsta de 8 ani. Iar incepand cu acel antrenament am inteles ce inseamna  munca sustinuta, depasirea limitelor si determinarea. Tatal meu isi aminteste mereu cu zambetul pe buze prima perioada de antrenamente la noul club, zicand: ALERGAI SI PLANGEAI! ALERGAI SI PLANGEAI DAR NU TE LASAI!

  • Ai fost in lotul national de gimnastica ritmica. Imi poti spune mai multe detalii despre acea perioada? 

A fost greu, dar frumos. Aceeasi rutina a celor doua antrenamente pe zi, zi de zi, in care trebuia sa iti doresti mai mult de la tine si sa si pui in practica aceasta prin fiecare set de repetari ale exercitiilor, prin fiecare integral, fiecare ora de balet sau de pregatire fizica. Locuitul in regim de cantonament alaturi de colege care imi erau ca surori a adus deopotriva lacrimi  dupa accidentari, dor de parinti sau antrenamente extenuante si fericire in seri in care alergam prin hotelul in care stateam si radeam pana ne durea stomacul. M-a intarit mult acea perioada intensa  si am ramas cu atatea amintiri si povesti pe care le voi pretui mereu.

unnamed (3)unnamed (1)

  •  Care sunt pentru tine cele mai importante medalii obtinute in gimnastica ritmica?

Fiecare medalie a fost importanta. Cu cat mai grea competitia  fie ea nationala sau internationala cu atat mai mare satisfactia de dupa concurs. Insa cea mai draga medalie a mea probabil a fost prima castigata la individual compus cand aveam in jur de 9 ani.

  • De ce ai trecut de la gimnastica ritmica la cea aerobica?

Evit intrarea in detalii pentru ca tind sa devin sentimentala insa un raspuns scurt ar fi pentru ca sansele mele de a “creste” in gimnastica ritmica erau extrem de limitate.

  • Care dintre cele doua ramuri ale gimnasticii ti-au placut mai mult?

Mi-a placut foarte mult gimnastica aerobica pentru ca m-a provocat. Am avut sansa sa ma antrenez  in aceasta ramura alaturi de campionii europeni si mondial, lucru care m-a scos din zona de confort si prin care am invatat mult insa in adancul sufletului meu am ramas intotdeauna o “ritmista”! Gimnastica ritmica a fost este si probabil va ramane sportul meu de suflet.


unnamed (2)

  • Care este cea mai importanta medalie obtinuta in gimnastica aerobica?

Locul 3 la 2009 Aerobic Gymnastics Open Cup  de la Timisoara. A insemnat cu atat mai mult cu cat acest rezultat a fost obtinut concurand cu accidentare, fiind ultimul din cariera mea de sportiv.

  • Ce regreti cel mai mult in cariera ta de sportiv?

Este un process la care inca lucrez, dar incerc sa nu regret nimic. Sunt recunoscatoare pentru fiecare experienta, fie ea buna sau rea, pentru fiecare accidentare si pentru fiecare dezamagire pentru ca suma acestora m-a facut persoana de azi. A fost viata mea de sportiva asa cum am visat-o cand aveam 7 ani? Nu tocmai, insa nu as schimba nimic. Am ramas cu prieteni dragi, amintiri, multe medalii intr-o vitrina si un caracter cum numai in sala de gimnastica se formeaza (cu bune si cu rele).

  • De ce ai incheiat activitatea sportiva? Cum ai trecut peste acest moment?

Am incheiat pentru ca avem multe accidentari si dureri. Ca gimnast e aproape imposibil sa ajungi la un nivel inalt fara sa iti sacrifici sanatatea catusi de putin, insa o faci constient si cu speranta ca va merita intr-o zi. In momentul in care am decis sa ma retrag imi pierdusem acea speranta si realizasem ca sanatatea si restul sacrificiilor nu mai meritau facute. Cum am trecut peste acel moment? Sunt foarte putine persone care stiu cat de greu mi-a fost. Gimnastica a fost pasiunea mea si a durat foarte mult sa invat sa traiesc practic intr-o alta lume. Cred ca inca invat.

  •  Cu ce te ocupai inainte sa ajungi ZES™ si mai apoi cum ai ajuns in aceasta pozitie?

Pentru ca nu aveam cum sa devin o persoana inactiva dupa cei 18 ani de sport, am inceput sa predau clase de grup fitness in timp ce imi continuam studiile  si lucram si la o binecunoscuta companie de echipament sportiv in calitate de designer. Dupa ceva timp managerul clubului pentru care lucram mi-a atras atentia asupra unui program fitness care incepuse sa faca valuri si in Romania numit Zumba®. Am cautat pe internet mai multe detalii si nu dupa mult timp  clubul m-a  inregistrat la un curs de formare instructori Basic 1. De la acel curs am plecat inspirata sa ajut alti oameni sa devina activi, pasionata de acest program si motivata sa muncesc pentru a-mi perfection tehnicile de dans si de a devein cel mai bun instructor care pot fi. La ceva timp am aplicat pentru pozitia de ZES™ ZumbAtomic™ (actualul program Zumba® Kids and Zumba® Kids Jr.) in momentul in care Zumba® a facut recrutari la nivel European. Am fost chemata la o auditie si.. de atunci viata mi s-a schimbat … din nou!



  • Cum este viata ta acum?

M-am lasat de gimnastica de performanta si m-am apucat de Zumba® (de performanta). Viata este la fel de intensa cum era odata, lucru care necesita echilibru, rezistenta si sacrificii… dar  imi place si oarecum inlocuieste pasiunea pentru gimnastica! Mai mult decat atat prin ceea ce fac acum am sansa sa intru in contact cu o multime de oameni si culturi de peste tot din lume. Am sansa sa predau, sa impart din experienta si din informatiile pe care le-am adunat de-a lungul timpului si sa inspir si sa motivez oameni sa aleaga un stil de viata sanatos. Am sansa sa influentez, sa schimb ceva si sa las o amprenta! Sunt o norocoasa.

  • Ce planuri de viitor ai?

Nu vreau sa ma arunc in planuri prea indepartate. Insa in general imi doresc sa ajut, educ, inspir si sa dansez cat de mult pot. Vreau sa continui sa invat, sa cresc ca instructor, trainer si persoana. Cate o zi pe rand…


Multumesc Laura pentru interviu, multumesc tuturor antrenorilor care m-au ajutat de-a lungul carierei din gimnastica, fie si cu un sfat sau macar cu  “ INTINDE-TI VARFURILE!!!!” , multumesc in mod special Dnei Mariana Mezei care mi-a fost alaturi mai bine de 10 ani, multumesc Dnului  Doctor Alexandru Buzescu care mi-a reparat genunchii (si spatele, si gleznele.. si nu o data), companiilor de dans AEROS si Rhyth.Mix, multumesc Dnei Alice Visan care mi-a deschis drumul in lumea fitness-ului si care m-a pus sa caut Zumba® pe net pt ca a crezut ca mi s-ar potrivi , multumesc ZUMBA® FITNESS si familiei.. si in familie intra si acele cateva (foarte putine) persoane care ma cunosc, cu zambete, lacrimi ( POATE PREA MULTE), rasete isterice, toane si o viata de amintiri impreuna (stiti voi care sunteti!)

unnamed (4)





Doha World Cup 2014

La Doha s-au incheiat intrecerile celei de a 7 a editie a FIG World Challenge Cup Artistic, a doua etapă din actualul sezon al World Cup Serie, Romania obtinand 4 medalii: 3 de aur – Larisa Iordache (sarituri, barna,sol) si una de argint – Diana Bulimar (sol), in timp ce Andrei Muntean a obtinut locul 4 (sarituri, inele), iar Marius Berbecar locul 7 (paralele).

Rezultatele complete de la barna:



Rezultatele complete de la sol:


Rezultatele complete de la paralele – baieti:


Rezultatele complete de la sarituri – baieti:










Gimnasta noastra Larisa Iordache a cucerit medalia de aur la sarituri in cadrul etapei de Cupa Mondiala de la Doha.

Larisa a obtinut un total de 14,337 puncte, după cele două sărituri din concurs (14,575 și 14,100).

Muntean Andrei a ocupat locul 4 in finala de la inele cu nota 15,400. 





28 martie 2014: Finale aparate
* 17.30 – 20.30: Masculin (sărituri, paralele, bară), Feminin (bârnă, sol)

Barna si Sol: Larisa Iordache, Diana Bulimar

Paralele: Marius Berbecar

Sarituri: Muntean Andrei

Iata sariturile gimnastei noastre:

Si exercitiul lui Muntean Andrei:


Bafta maine!





Aquae World Cup 2014

Aquae World Cup Aerobic Gymnastics 2014


Weekend-ul trecut a avut loc „Aquae World Cup”, la gimnastica aerobica.

 Gimnasti din FRANTA, MEXIC, AUSTRIA, BULGARIA, UNGARIA, FINLANDA, CHINA, RUSIA, GERMANIA, ALGERIA, GRECIA s-au aflat la startul acestei competitii.



1. GAZOV Lubov (AUSTRIA) – 21.600

2. PARICHKOVA Denitsa (BULGARIA)- 20,700

3. JOLY Aurélie (FRANTA) – 20,600



1. GARAVEL Benjamin (FRANTA) – 21,700

2. DECKER BREITEL Maxime (FRANTA) – 21,450

3. VELOZ Ivan (MEXIC) – 21,150



1. GARAVEL Benjamin (1990) / JOLY Aurélie (1983) FRANTA 2 – 20,500

2. AMOSENOK Polina (1991) / SHISHIGIN Anton (1989) RUSIA – 20,100

3. BARAQUET Clara (1995) / ORTA David (1988) FRANTA 1 – 19,500



1. DECKER BREITEL Maxime (1993) / DELIERS Mathieu (1989) / GARAVEL Benjamin (1990) FRANTA – 21,400

2. SANCHEZ RODRIGUEZ Baltazar de Jesus (1992) / SOLIS Osvaldo (1980) / VELOZ Ivan (1980) MEXIC – 20,400

3. HUANG Zijing (1992) / JIANG Erhu (1986) / ZHANG Peng (1996) CHINA – 20,000


1. FRANCE 1 – 21,227

2. CHINA – 20,100

3. FINLANDA – 18,472




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