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Sandra Izbasa Interview

Dear friends, a new section of the blog – a series of interviews with great athletes!

I have Sandra Izbasa here with me … hmm what an honor! The first interview with such a great champion so near me, what can I say? I am lucky :). I’m glad to meet her, I’m glad to see that we have so much in common (we found out that we also look alike – so we were told) haha!


Without any further introduction, let’s get to the facts.

           Why gymnastics?

Why gymnastics? Because my parents wanted me to practice a sport, not necessarily for performance, but so I could grow beautiful, harmonious and consumed all the energy that I had in a safe place, away from danger.

I can say that the gym was the third choice in a row, beacause in the first phase I was on a tennis field and I was not really attracted because at that time the racket was bigger than me, than I was in a fencing hall and i couldn’t really understand what happens with that sword, I thought that if you get touched by it who knows what can happen to you … and I said no, let’s try something else.

In an August day, haveing the age of four years and almost 2 months, together  with my parents we entered a gym. There we were retrieved by coach Lia Ceampelea who presented us a few things about gymnastics. What fascinated me the most was these girls that flipped over their heads. I spent an hour in the room to study and understand about what this is … then another coach came, named Corina Ibis, who checked me to see if I’ll be able to practice this sport. She said that i am verry good, only that in a while I grow bigger than the other girls. She was right, she probably took a look at my parents also :). So I started in the initiation group being penultimate in the alignment.

Why gymnastics in this moment, because I made ​​the best choice at that age and it was the sport that fit me like a glove. I thank everyone for their trust and support!

         What is your most beautiful memory of childhood?

There are many beautiful memories that bind me to my grandparents, parents, school colleagues, the colleagues from the lot and the coaches, both the club and the people from the lot.

         Have you ever been „jealous” that other children spent their holidays playing,  while you were training?

  In this first phase at about 13-14 years yes, I was a little jealous because I too wanted to play in front of the building with my friends. Holidays … i’ll have to say that the summer affected me the most, because i did not like winter too much, generally I do not like the cold, but in time, as my parents explained  me what it is and why we are part of the gymnastics  lot, I really understood: my childhood would be different. Other principles, other program, everything changed compared with normal children … i was not sorry even for a second, because I fructified every moment. I can say that I had my own star 🙂 and thank God for that!

         At what competition did you win your first medal? How did you feel?

I remember that a long time ago, the only two competitions that were organized, where the municipals and the national championship, for each category, from (cat. a 4a nu stiu exact cum se traduce…sunt cele mai mici gimnaste.. presupun ca juniors) to seniors. So, my first competition was the municipal championship, when I was 7 years old. There weren’t awarded medals, but we were on second place, in the team competition. I won my first medal, just after I joined the Junior national team from Onesti, and participated to my first national championship, with the national team. That competition took place at Deva. It was individual and team competition, and finals for the seniors. From that time, I felt that feeling of success, and it made me confident, and willing to participate to more competitions.

         What were the competitions that you were most nervous?

The first competitions of the season. Can you believe it? After, you get used to it, and emotions are less. I like that my emotions, turn into constructive adrenaline.

         Were there things that you wanted to do while you were on te national team, but you weren’t allowed?

Yes, there were many things that I wanted to do, but I wasn’t allowed, because I was on the program of the camp, and I had to follow it. Everyone knows, that only by following that program of the camp, the results are good. I got used to that idea, that my everyday program was apart from the other children of our age. But my parents were always next to me, and offered me everything they could, so that I would feel good, and perform at the highest level. Don’t think that we didn’t do things that we weren’t allowed, of course we did, because they made us feel children, every now and then. But that’s another story…

          After the London 2012 Olympics, you took a break , what determined to you to get back to trainings?

 I took a break for about 1 month, where i travelled, and I felt awesome, because after all that tension, and stress….i felt that vacation like a big breath. After the Olympics, you don’t recover that quick, and you have very good results, than it usually takes about a year. Why didn’t I stay out for a year? Because, recovery would be infinite times more difficult. I decided to get back in the gym, because I was curious if I could cope with the new code of points. And i really liked that challenge, I guess this was what determined me to get back in the gym.

          What do you think about the new generation of Romanian gymnasts? Will they be able to fight with Russia, China and USA at the 2016 Olympics?

I believe in the new generation, and we must not forget, that in 2016 Diana Bulimar and Larisa Iordache, will be at their second major experience from their career. This will be very important for the smaller girls, because they will need support, and first of all, a strong team. I think that all teams have the same goal, to be on the highest place on the podium, that definitely includes us also, because we have always liked to be in the top.

          How is your life now? What are you up to, and what are your plans for the future?

 My life looks something like this: for the moment, I am take part in the project that ms.Mariana Bitang and mr.Octavian Bellu launched – „Relaunching Romanian Gymnastics” – and I can say that I am proud to be able to help in this project. Then, I have university: I am at the masters of UNEFS (Romanian Sports Academy) – Kinesiotherapy 1, and I am also in the army, lieutenant officer. In the future, I will take part on some projects there, also. In the meantime, i will take part in many activities, I am willing to try anything new. I will not leave the sport,i still exercise, and will always do, because it is part of my life.

P.S You said that one day you will invite me to your gym, and exercise together.

         When was the first time we met?

How we met….i remember we were talking through messages on the phone, and you supported me through the entire olympic year, and also after, in 2013, which really meant a lot to me. We first met in a mall in Bucharest, exchanged a few words, and you gave me a T-shirt that I really wanted for a long time. That’s how we met face to face. Although we knew each other for a long time, I was happy that I could talk to you, and we became friends!! Give me a hug!




Special thanks to my contributors: Cristache Ionut & Carla Radulescu




Interviu Sandra Izbasa

Dragi prieteni, o noua sectiune in cadrul blogului – seria de interviuri cu mari sportivi de performanta!

O am alaturi de mine pe Sandra Izbasa … hmm ce onoare! Primul interviu si cu asa o campioana langa mine, ce sa mai zic? I am lucky :). Ma bucur mult sa o cunosc, ma bucur sa vad ca avem atatea in comun (cica mai si semanam – asa ni s-a spus) haha!


Fara nici o alta introducere, trecem la fapte.

          De ce gimnastica?

De ce gimnastica? Pentru ca parintii mei voiau sa fac un sport, nu neaparat de performanta cat sa ma pot dezvolta frumos, armonios si sa imi consum toata energia pe care o aveam   intr-un loc mai sigur ferit de pericole.

Pot sa spun ca sala de gimnastica a fost a treia la rand pentru ca in prima faza am fost pe terenul de tenis si nu prea ma atragea fiindca in momentul acela racheta era mai mare decat mine , apoi am fost la sala de scrima si nu prea intelegeam eu ce se intampla cu spada respectiva, credeam ca daca te atinge cine stie ce poti pati…si am spus nu, hai sa mai incercam.

Eram cu parintii mei intr-o zi de august dupa ce implinisem 4 ani si aproape 2 luni  si am intrat in sala de gimnastica acolo ne-a preluat antrenoarea Lia Ceampelea si ne-a prezentat un pic despre gimnastica. Pe mine ma fascina cel mai mult cum se dau peste cap fetele respective. Am stat vreo ora in sala sa studiez si sa pricep cam despre ce este vorba… apoi a venit o alta antrenoare pe nume Corina Ibiş si m-a verificat sa vada daca voi fi capabila pentru acest sport. Ea mi-a spus ca sunt foarte buna doar ca in timp voi creste mai mult decat celelalte fete. A avut dreptate, probabil ca se uitase si la parintii mei :). Asa am inceput eu in grupa de initiere fiind penultima la aliniere.

De ce gimnastica in momentul actual, pentru ca am facut cea mai buna alegere la varsta respectiva si a fost sportul care mi s-a potrivit ca o manusa. Le multumesc tuturor pentru increderea si sprijinul acordat!

          Care e amintirea ta cea mai frumoasa din copilarie?

Sunt multe amintiri frumoase care ma leaga atat de bunici, parinti, colegi de scoala, de colegele de la lot si de antrenori, atat cei de la club cat si de cei de la lot.

          Ai fost vreodata “invidioasa”pe ceilalti copii pentru faptul ca isi petreceau vacantele la joaca, iar tu in sala de antrenament?

In prima faza asta cam pe la 13-14 ani da, am fost un pic invidioasa fiindca si eu imi doream sa ma joc in fata blocului cu prietenii. Vacantele… sa zic ca cea de vara ma afecta cel mai mult, fiindca iarna nu prea mi-a placut, in general frigul nu imi place, dar pe parcurs parintii mei explicandu-mi despre ce este vorba si de ce stau in acel lot am inteles cu adevarat: copilaria mea se desfasoara altfel.  Altfel de principii, altfel de program totul schimbat fata de copii obisnuiti… nu imi pare rau nici o clipa fiindca mi-am fructificat fiecare clipa. Pot spune ca am avut o stea a mea:) si ii multumesc Lui Dumnezeu pentru asta!

          La ce concurs ai luat prima ta medalie? Cum te-ai simtit?

Imi aduc aminte ca pe vremuri se organizau 2 concursuri pe an cele municipale si cele nationale pe fiecare categorie de la categoria a 4-a pana la 1. Asadar primul concurs l-am avut la varsta de 7 ani la sala de la 23 august ( municipale ) nu a fost premiat cu medalii dar am iesit cu echipa pe locul al 2 lea. De abia cand am intrat in lotul de junioare de la Onesti si am participat la primul concurs national in cadrul lotului. Acolo au fost si primele medalii, la Deva a fost un concurs atat pe echipe, individual si finale la categoria 1. De atunci am simtit gustul victoriei si parca imi dadea incredere sa particip la cat mai multe concursuri.

          La ce concursuri aveai cele mai mari emotii?

La concursurile de la inceputul anului! Iti vine sa crezi? Dupa ti se diminueaza emotiile fiinca te obisnuiesti. Imi place ca emotia mea se transforma in adrenalina constructiva.

        Au existat lucruri pe care voiai sa le faci cand erai la lot, dar nu iti erau permise?

Da, au existat multe lucruri pe care voiam sa le fac si nu aveam voie fiindca eram in regim de cantonament si trebuia respectat.

Toata lumea stie ca numai intr-un regim de cantonament rezultatele sunt bune. M- am acomodat cu acest gand si chiar ma obisnuisem cu ideea ca avem un regim aparte fata de ceilalti copii de varsta noastra. Dar parintii mei au fost intotdeauna alaturi de mine si mi-au oferit tot ce au putut ei mai bun ca sa imi fie bine si sa imi creeze un confort pentru a face performanta la un inalt nivel.

Sa nu credeti acum ca nu faceam si lucruri nepermise, ba da, fiindca ele ne tineau in priza si ne faceau sa ne simtim din cand in cand copii. Dar asta este o alta poveste….

          Dupa Olimpiada de la Londra, ai luat o pauza, ce te-a determinat sa reincepi antrenamentele?

Am avut o pauza cam de o luna in care am calatorit, m-am destins, m-am simtit extraordinar fiindca dupa atata tensiune, incordare, stres etc… am simtit acea vacanta ca o gura de aer. Dupa J.O. nu iti revii atat de repede, iar daca ai si rezultate foarte bune iti trebuie cam un an de zile. De ce nu mi -am luat un an? Pentru ca revenirea era infinit mai grea.

Am ales sa intru in sala deoarece eram curioasa daca pot face fata noului cod de punctaj. Si mi-a placut aceasta provocare, probabil acest lucru m-a determinat sa ma intorc in sala de antrenament.

          Ce părere ai despre noua generaţie de gimnaste din România? Vor putea să se bată la Jocurile Olimpice de vară din 2016 cu marile puteri: Rusia, China şi Statele Unite ale Americii?

Am incredere in noua generatie care vine din urma, sa nu uitam ca in 2016 Diana Bulimar si Larisa Iordache vor fi la a 2-a experienta majora din cariera lor ceea ce pentru cele mici va fi un suport destul de important fiindca au nevoie de sustinere si au nevoie in primul rand de o echipa puternica. Consider ca toate echipele au acelasi țel de a ajunge pe cea mai inalta treapta a podiumului, asta clar va insemna si pentru noi un loc fiindca intotdeauna ne-a placut sa fim in top.

          Cum este viata ta acum? Cu ce te ocupi sau ce proiecte de viitor ai?

Viata mea acum se desfasoara astfel: momentan sunt implicata intr-un proiect lansat de doamna Mariana Bitang si domnul Octavian Bellu – “Relansarea Gimnasticii Romanesti”    si pot spune ca sunt mandra fiindca pot ajuta la acest proiect, apoi mai am facultatea: sunt la master la UNEFS – Kinetoterapie anul 1 si sunt in cadrul armatei ofiter locotenent in viitor ma voi ocupa si acolo de cateva proiecte. Pe parcurs voi mai face si alte activitati, sunt deschisa la tot ce este nou!

Nu las sportul, inca mai fac miscare fiindca imi place si pana la urma face parte din viata mea.

PS: Ai zis ca ma inviti la tine la sala sa facem miscare impreuna.

          Cand ne-am intalnit prima oara?

Cum ne-am intalnit…stiu ca vorbeam la telefon prin mesaje si ca m-ai sustinut pe tot parcursul anului olimpic cat si dupa in anul 2013 ceea ce pentru mine a insemnat foarte mult. Apoi prima oara cand ne-am intalnit intr-un mall din bucuresti schimband cateva vorbe si dandu-mi un tricou pe care mi-l doream de mult timp. Cam asa ne-am cunoscut face to face. Cu toate ca eu te cunosteam de mult timp, m-am bucurat ca pot vorbi cu tine si ca am devenit prietene! Give me a hug!





Sophia Lucia Sets Guinness World Record

World Record of 55 Consecutive Pirouettes

Pirueta, ce miscare fina si eleganta, atunci cand este executata bine. Cati dintre voi nu ati incercat, mai de curand sau poate in copilarie, sa faceti piruete? Si cate v-au reusit? Una, una si jumatate, doua, trei?

Sophia Lucia in varsta de 10 ani a realizat 55 de piruete fara oprire intrand astfel in Cartea Recordurilor .


Love to Dance – Sophia Lucia

Sophia 2 Sophia 3 





Love to dance?


He is 8 years old and the lowest title he has ever won for a solo was 2nd place. He was most recently awarded „Dancer of The Year” at Rainbow Connection Dance’s National Competition. You have to watch this video, he’s so good…

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